It's Time To Talk About Skin Care & Sustainability

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10 thoughts on “It's Time To Talk About Skin Care & Sustainability”

  1. I think this too I say to myself hey I wanna be beautiful for my skin and hair and makeup but at the same time I don’t wanna want harmful ingredients that damage us and the environment ❤️🌱🤲🏽

  2. I have really sensitive skin and in trying to get a new routine, the first thing I felt I needed to do was find a place for my skincare to go if it were to cause me rashes. My cousin happens to love skincare so said she would be happy to take anything I couldn’t use and get use out of it. I was given some of my Nan’s unused skincare that I’m not currently interested in using so I hope to ask a few of my friends if they would use them or look into possibly donating them so they don’t just go to waste with me and instead get used by someone else. I’ve been trying to reduce my waste some in other ways too. But even just the small things can make an impact ❤️

  3. Hi, Hyram. I am glad you actually talked about sustainability. I am making small poster that talking about cosmetics and plastic bottles wastage to increase awareness. I was wondering if I could refer your video and your translate in Korean. I will make sure your youtube channel is mentioned in the poster. I look forward to get a positive answer from you. Thank you very much. All the best for you and the world!


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