Bug Out or FIGHT? Defending Home During Civil Unrest

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10 thoughts on “Bug Out or FIGHT? Defending Home During Civil Unrest”

  1. Here is the summary of today’s video: the McCloskeys had every right to defend their home to the fullest extent the law permits, nobody is denying that. However it’s pretty evident to almost everyone I’ve spoken to in the Firearms community that improper training and fear led to mishandling their firearms. They could have achieved the same result with proper firearms handling and it would have been less of a media spectacle. I would be doing a great disservice to the thousands of people who watch this channel to say that this sort of mishandling of firearms was OK. They were one negligent discharge away from not only ruining their own lives but reigniting and adding a new level of unrest nationwide (probably worldwide). Also they have now drawn a lot of negative attention and may be targets due to their handling of the situation. That was the gist of my analysis, thanks for watching šŸ˜‰

  2. I really like your show Canadian prepper, but sometimes I feel like you play footsie with radical Communists. They purposely rile people up to the point where they feel like they have to defend themselves with force, and after someone actually does stand up to them they run crying to the police.

    Also they were on their private property and in their domicile, the occupants were under no obligation to speak to anyone or engage in a “dialogue”.

  3. A VACCINE AT LAST. As the last survivor pops his head up out of his underground bunker and looks around Mother Nature will murmur to herself that after all these years and seasons of sickness the new vaccine she has developed named COVID-19 might finally cure the Earth of all the misery and pain it has suffered and bring an end to the terrible symptoms such as climate change, air pollution, its seas full of plastic pollutants and its lands full of poisons and permanent scarring. Maybe the microbes and germs that have been causing this sickness will succumb to this new vaccine and the fast disappearing flora and fauna of her beautiful planet will now be once again allowed to live and thrive as the Earth begins to heal itself. Then as that last survivor finally breathes his last old Mother Nature will begin to feel a little better, but she knows the healing process will take some time, she has been around for millions of years and time is something she has no shortage of. Finally she takes a deep breath and says “Here is to a bright new future planet Earth, without those horrible humans”.

  4. Bug out , live off the land with trotlines fish traps hunt and trap with steel traps plant crops pretty simple get as far away from a road as possible close to a good river !

  5. The homeowners were well within their right by Missouri law to defend themselves. The state does not have a leg to stand on. If you do stupid things like trespass and threaten to kill homeowners in the United States you most likely will end up room temperature. If you are a dipshit and protest on a busy highway you might get hit by a car and have your asshole shoot a thousand stars. Choices have consequences šŸ™‚

  6. You should have the right to defend your property as if it’s your life for the simple fact is you put Blood Sweat and sometimes tears into purchasing that property Prime at work time of your life to purchase that property you should have the right to defend it accordingly, it’s truly too bad that these people did not have the legal right to shoot a few of those scumbag protesters to make sure they have the fear of society if not the fear of God and move on go away or go extinct


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