Living Off the Land | Doomsday Preppers

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Prepper Michael Patrick Douglas fears the world’s population is going to reach critical mass and is teaching his family how to live off the land.

Living Off the Land | Doomsday Preppers

National Geographic

10 thoughts on “Living Off the Land | Doomsday Preppers”

  1. Doesnt stack up on guns and ammo. instead stacks up on tomahawks LOL and uses bird calls as defense warnings LOL. This guy is dead in 1 day. Might as well tock up on guns and ammo foir defense you’ll last alot longer than ammo running out

  2. Oh dear lol. Just like the fools claiming bunkers will keep them safe. The moment the bunker is found it becomes a coffin for those inside. Dont let me in (hypothetically, of course) I’ll weld you in. Or, I may just drill holes and or find exhausts, pump insecticide, and seal them. There is always a way. But this guy is hilarious. You’re going to bring a tomahawk to a long gun fight. So many assume the ones looting would only be desperate fools making foolish mistakes lolol. Loved ones could be hypothetically picked off. Not killing them but hurting more and more from a distance. Creating distractions while teams flank, striking simultaneously while creating distractions. Patiently conducting reconnaisance on targets to identify weaknesses. And so on and so on. Good effort though. Commendable for at least trying to prepare his family to potential dangers. But lets just be more realistic about the threats outside your walls.


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