Survival Tool Guide For Preppers (Part 2)

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This is the second part in a series of videos about how to choose the right survival gear! Axes, blades, Saws, sharpeners and more!

Part 1 is here

APO-1 survival by Survival Lilly

Gets Survival axes here


Survival blades

Survival Saws

Japanese Nata Hatchet

Silky NATA 240 mm Hatchet/ Chopper


Wetterhall Throwing Axe

Wetterhall Throwing Axe | Hultafors

Lansky diamond sharpeners

Pivot handheld sharpener

Wod tool grinder

Complete sharpening stone set

Survival Shovel

Spetsnaz shovel

10 thoughts on “Survival Tool Guide For Preppers (Part 2)”

  1. I question the wisdom of an edged weapon against zombies. Too easy to get it stuck in the skull. Choose an engineer’s square hammer with a reverse side wedge and a nice long hickory handle.

  2. Ak47 and Ak74 bayonets are quit good survival knives with good sharpening, I have a romanian type 1 and it has served me well, be aware that they are heavy and they have a chisel grind.

  3. Do think you missed one type of Axe … the forester type axe, which is in between a hatched and a felling axe… Basically a hatched with a longer handle, thus capable of felling somewhat bigger trees then a hatched and more easily at that, but still small enough to do around camp tasks… But obviously as an in between option, it excels at neither … Personally i like this option, and it’s also quite popular in the bushcraft community. You would mainly use it to build shelters and more easily process fire wood (and for both fell under 1/2 a foot type trees or saplings), while using a bushcraft knife for all the other smaller camp tasks (though once you get proficient with the axe chocking up on it can do a lot of the ‘rough cutting’ on finer type items as well).


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