WARNING: Things are Heating Up!

It wont be long before another major incident triggers upheaval. Stay alert and stay ready, at the same time its important to be prepared but not scared.

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10 thoughts on “WARNING: Things are Heating Up!”

  1. As a US citizen, I live in the Philippines were it is safe from foolish USA rancor and division and greed and selfishness and…..wait……..just a minute ,..no …it is problematic here also….woods! here I come! Will the last person on the planet..please turn off the lights(radiation)…

  2. You assume a lot. The US failing financially does’t automatically equate to other countries going down too. Look at the “Global financial meltdown”. While Americans were losing life savings and their houses many other countries didn’t even really notice its effects.
    Perhaps you don’t realise that most other nations don’t deal in US currency. They have their own.

  3. Fyi- a YouTube channel spent a great deal of time trashing you regarding this video. A guy named Justin on “Locked & Loaded 100% !” Went over the top breaking down your video….
    He’s a sad case but he’s done what he’s done and isn’t mentally stable from what I’ve seen. He’s somewhere in Wisconsin as far as I know. Land of cheese and crackers.


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