How to Start Prepping Before Its Too Late: Complete Guide

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In light of recent events transpiring around the world, its now more important than ever before to have an disaster preparedness plan. In this video I provide an overview of prepping for beginners using the ‘Prepping Pyramid’; a system to help you prioritize your planning.

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Strategic Relocation

Survival Gear playlist

Protect your Home

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10 thoughts on “How to Start Prepping Before Its Too Late: Complete Guide”

  1. Don’t forget about a Kelly Kettle/Ghillie Kettle. Great for cooking and boiling water with any natural combustable materials. I think the bottom of the pyramid should be training, as knowledge doesn’t weigh anything, it can’t be taken from you and it will allow you buy the best items to enhance that training.

  2. Remember , looters/raiders/hungry mob, will be attracted by : 1) sound 2) smell and 3) sight. 1= chain saw, generator, vehicle 2= cooking and fire 3= flash light that can be seen for miles or camp fire


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